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*Solder guns are designed with lighter design and work easier
*High-quality heating core, longer working life
*Simple operation, easy to complete welding operations
*Can use the diameter of 0.8-2.3mm solder wire
Material: Metal
Name: 220V 60W Welding Electric Soldering Iron Gun Auto Welding Solder Iron Tool
Color: Green
Voltage: 220V
Power: 60W
Temperature range: 120℃

How to use:
1. You need to Press into Tin and put the tin solder wire into the entrance of the tin, pull the trigger and until the tin solder wire was sent to the solder wire guide tube.
2. Plug the soldering gun to the 220V power, turn on the power switch for warm-up.
3. When heated to solder gun is hot enough, the trigger can carry out welding operations.
4. When you want to exit the solder wire, just press into Tin and drawn wire.
5. When you need to replace the heater, first remove the protective cover, open heater connector, then remove the tip, you can replace the old heater.
1. Iron tip of the iron pipe work temperature up to 400 degrees, the human body do not touch.
2. The tin wire gun should be placed on its stand when not in use.
3. It is forbidden to use solder guns in flammable and explosive atmospheres.
4. It is forbidden to place the solder gun in a damp place and to prohibit the place where children and children can get it.
5. Please do not repair or disassemble the solder gun, if any parts or wires damaged, please find professional repair.
6. After the work is completed, turn off the solder gun power, so it is completely cooled to the indoor temperature, can be saved.

Package includes: 
1 x Soldering Gun
1 x Tin wood warehouse
1 x Tin stent

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