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Description :

TE-071 Adjustable Phone Motherboard Repairing Fixing Holder
Features :

1. Prevents motherboard deforming during disassemble
2. Adjustable design, suitable for different phones
Specification :

Model: TE-071
Material: Stainless Steel
Application: mechanical repair, telecommunications, household, automobile repair
Size: 130*90mm
Weight: 0.28 (kg)

Instructions for use:
1. Use three movable jaws to select the card bit on the board
2. Adjust the width and strength of the movable bayonet
3. When the board is installed, the circuit board should first be placed on one side of the card with a spring, and then push back and then the other one of the circuit into the active card block, you can work.
Package Includes :

1 x TE-071 
Repairing Fixing Holder

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