16 in 1 precision and complete multi-functional Maintenance Kit, suitable for mobile phones, laptops and other electronic products
Features : 1. Made of high quality material and unique human body mechanics design  2. This set..
1pce universal metal LCD fixed clamp repair fixed clamp repair tool, mobile phone fixed clamp repair tool
Features: Adhesion of Mobile phone Tilt screen. Bonding of touch LCD screen. Fixing of Leakage and d..
4 adjustable plastic clip holders LCD clip holders mobile phone service tools
Features : Universal clip fixture.  Adjustable holder to fit most mobile phone and tablets.&nb..
6 flexible arm soldering vise auxiliary hand 3 hand PCB repair clamps with magnifying glass lens LED flashlight
Features:   1. The Third Hand quickens soldering, electronics, and DIY projects allowing you to..
90 mm diameter magnifying glass with LED light magnifying glass welding auxiliary clamp crocodile clamp station magnifying glass
Description : This multi-functional magnifier is especially designed for soldering or other repairi..
Adjustable mobile phone mainboard maintenance fixed base
Description : TE-071 Adjustable Phone Motherboard Repairing Fixing Holder   Features : 1. P..
All aluminum alloy three arm welding table CNC base PCB fixture universal special third hand welding tool
Heavier and more stable than other types on the market. The central groove can be placed a solder cl..
All-aluminum alloy four-arm soldering table CNC substrate PCB fixture universal shaped three-hand soldering tool
The skidproof base and the arms are made from alloy metal. Heavier and more stable than other types ..
Best bst-131 mobile phone board maintenance mainboard PCB fixed bracket maintenance tool multi function screen removal fixture tool
Features:   This product can be rotated at 360 degrees.  Repairing or replacing damaged pa..
Clamp base arm soldering station PCB clamping station auxiliary hand electronic DIY tool universal 4 flexible arm + 3 magnetic column
Features: A new universal magnetic fixture. Help you to repair and repair easily. Randomly move the ..
DIY flexible three-handed, six-arm PCB repair fixture FPV RC602 soldering station tool with USB fan
Features:   You can finish the soldering much faster and easier. The arms are flexible and can ..
DIY Handless Help Clamp Tool PCB Holder Circuit Hobby
Features:    For special repair welding workbench. usually been used in computer indus..
DIY PCB soldering table magnifying glass LED lamp magnifying glass soldering iron assistant auxiliary pliers alligator clip
Description : This multi-functional magnifier is especially designed for soldering or other repairi..
General purpose kiwi three-handed four-arm soldering table full metal single arm spare parts
Features:  Length: 320mm Weight: 58g Only Suitable for Full Aluminum Alloy 3 Arms Soldering St..
General purpose solder pincer clamp PCB fixture tool solder repair work
Features:    The practical tool for soldering work, electronics and model making.  Rotatable arm..
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